Cave diving in Cenote Minotauro

Side mount cave diving in cenote Minotauro

A day off : A cave dive at Cenote Minotauro.

Cenote Minotauro is an easy place to reach. Drive down on highway 307, and around X Pu Ha, you will find your way to the dirt road that leads you to the Cenote. You soon arrive in a parking lot with tables (at the right height)! And new bathrooms 🙂

The access to cenote Minotauro is through a nice stairway, and you can walk into the water. It makes entering and exiting very easy in back mount. And for Side Mount divers, you have plenty of room to get ready. And everybody can comfortably do their surface check.

There is a small open water area where you will meet occasional Swimmers trying to refresh themselves and enjoying the beautiful site. It is a great place to do S-drill and perform all underwater checks.

There is an upstream section mostly accessible to all configurations. The guideline starts in the open water and can easily be spotted thanks to the big fat red arrow.

The downstream guideline starts further into the cave and requires the use of the primary reel. In most caves, the downstream section is much smaller and siltier and should be visited in Side mount only to avoid major damage in the low ceiling sections.

To be precise… In this cave, the flow is quite complex and not limited to the downstream and upstream sections. There is also a section of the cave called “El Oriente.”

I have dived a lot into this system in the back mount configuration. However, I find it really nice for side mounting as the configuration gives access to many more passages. In Side Mount configuration, it is much more enjoyable, probably more precise, and easier to avoid damage on the cave.  This system goes up and down, reaches the halocline, remains fairly shallow, and is a great place for long dives.

The system itself and the dive circuits can seem confusing as you start knowing the system, but it is all gorgeous. There is a great map of Minotauro by Alessandro Reato that really gives all its sense to following Ariadne’s line as this place is really a labyrinth.

You will see here a few images of a fun dive with a friend, local instructor. This video has no teaching purpose whatsoever. No pretension, just two local instructors and experienced cave divers enjoying their cave diving, filming, editing, and sharing their passion.

When we finished this dive, as the current had pushed us quite fast towards the exit, we still had plenty of air to recalculate thirds and have a short dive on the other side, downstream so beautiful again. But guess what, the camera’s battery was dead!! I guess we’ll have to go again.

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