Geraldine Solignac cave instructor - tech diving instructor - CCR instructor
  • Nationality: French
  • Residence: Playa del Carmen and Merida, Mexico
  • Languages: French, English, Spanish
  • Scuba diving since 2003
  • Dive Professional since 2007
  • Living in Mexico since 2010
  • Cave Diving since 2010
  • Technical Diving since 2010
  • Overhead environment instructor since 2012
  • Technical Instructor since 2012
  • CCR diver since 2017
  • Side Mount Liberty CCR Instructor since 2023
  • SDI Instructor Trainer since 2024
  • TDI Instructor Trainer since 2024
Géraldine, DPV Cave diving instructor - Mexico
Cave DPV instructor

Born in France with a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry, Geraldine plunged into diving and became a Cave and tech diving instructor in Mexico.

Geraldine started cave diving when she first arrived in Mexico in 2010. A passion was born, and along with it, a passion for sharing her love for the underwater world with students.

Geraldine - Sidewinder CCR diving - Exploration dive Mexico - Cave Instructor - Tech instructor - CCR Instructor - Instructor Trainer

Since her first dive, Geraldine has kept learning, training, and exploring for the sharpest possible skills and experience. She has accumulated experience in each level of education she offers and always trains several steps ahead.

Geraldine likes to offer the best experience possible, the safest and most respectful for the environment. To be flexible, she only offers private guiding and adjust the schedule to avoid crowds to know you better and share our knowledge better. 

Geraldine manages to continue with her cave exploration projects… So diving with Deep Dark Diving is not only about getting private guiding and tailored service. It also supports cave exploration and conservation projects.

CCR Cave Diving - CCR cave - Meg Rebreather - Geraldine -  Mexico - Cave Instructor - Tech instructor - CCR Instructor - Instructor Trainer

As independent technical instructors, cave and cavern guides, we like to work together to offer quality tech and cave diving training.

TDI cave and tech diving instructors Camilo and Geraldine

“Us” are technical and cave instructors teaching and guiding with a similar philosophy of high standards, service orientated to provide you with the best service and safety for your diving activity in Mexico.


TDI Instructor

  • Intro to Tech 
  • Cavern
  • Intro to Cave
  • Full Cave 
  • Stage Cave
  • DPV Cave
  • Sidemount Cave
  • Sidemount
  • Nitrox
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Deco Procedures
  • Extended Range
  • Trimix
  • Side Mount Liberty CCR

TDI Diver

  • Full Cave
  • Sidemount cave 
  • Adv Nitrox
  • Deco Procedures
  • Extended Range
  • Trimix
  • Advanced trimix
  • Side Mount Liberty CCR

SDI Instructor

  • Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor
  • DPV
  • SDI Sidemount Instructor
  • Solo Diving Instructor
  • Computer Nitrox Instructor
  • Deep Diving Instructor
  • Advanced Buoyancy Instructor
  • Marine EcoSystems Awareness Instructor
ISC Megalodon CCR

Meg CCR Diver

KISS Sidewinder Rebreather

Kiss Sidewinder CCR Diver

Razor Side Mount Instructor - Go side mount

Razor Instructor

  • Razor Side Mount Instructor
  • Razor basic cave instructor


  • Full Cave
  • Adv. Cave DPV 
  • Meg CCR
  • Kiss Side Winder CCR
  • CCR Cave diver
  • CCR trimix diver
Divesoft - Side Mount Liberty CCR

Divesoft – Liberty CCR Instructor

  • Liberty Sidemount Air Diluent Instructor
  • Liberty Sidemount Air Diluent Decompression Instructor

FFESSM Diver and Instructor

  • Plongeur Niveau 4
  • Initiateur
  • Plongeur Bio

CMAS Diver and Instructor

  • Diver ***
  • Instructor *
  • Total Number of dives: 5000+
  • Side Mount dives: 3000+
  • Cave dives: 1000+
  • Cavern Dives: 1500+
  • Deco dives: 300+
  • DPV Dives: 200+
  • Trimix Dives: 150+
  • CCR Dives: 150+
  • Deepest Ocean Dive: 100m/330 ft
  • Deepest Cave Dive:102m/335ft

DPV Cave Diving in Yax Chen - Geraldine - Sidewinder CCR diving - Exploration dive Mexico - Cave Instructor - Tech instructor - CCR Instructor - Instructor Trainer

Razor Side Mount Instructor 6 RAZOR GO SIDEMOUNT

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