Cavern Diving - Cenotes

Cavern Diving - Cenotes

For certified Open Water divers

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Technical Diving

Technical Diving

Dive Deeper - Dive Safer - Reach proficiency

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Cave Diving

Cave Diving

Unlimited cave diving sites, don't miss it!

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Group Packages

Group Packages

Contact us for a tailor-made group package Cenote - Ocean - Cozumel

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 Scuba Diving – Cenote, Cave, Technical & CCR Diving and Training

Looking for an extraordinary diving adventure? Look no further than Deep Dark Diving, your premier dive operation specializing in cenote dives in the breathtaking regions of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and the captivating Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Our personalized services are tailored to provide you with an exceptional diving experience, whether you’re an individual seeking private guiding or a group looking for special packages.

At Deep Dark Diving, we prioritize your safety and the conservation of these natural wonders. Our expertise lies in Cenote diving, which is called cavern diving, cave diving, Tech diving, and CCR diving. Whether you’re a recreational diver seeking guided dives and training or an experienced deep diver, advanced technical diver, or cave diver, we have the knowledge and resources to cater to your needs.


Our team’s passion for diving, caves, tech and rebreather diving is contagious, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Deep dark Diving is dedicated to ensuring that you make the most of your scuba diving experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Deep Dark Diving explores the mesmerizing Cenotes in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya. We offer a range of configurations to suit your preferences, including back mount, side mount, CCR, DPV, tech diving, cave diving, and cavern diving. Rest assured, our expert guides will be by your side, providing an exceptional and safe diving journey.

Discover the hidden wonders of the deep, dark underwater realm with Deep Dark Diving. Let your inner adventurer thrive as you explore the mysteries of these enchanting cenotes. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating opportunity! Book your dive with us today and embark on an unforgettable underwater expedition.

The best way to discover the amazing caves of Tulum Stage – DPV – CCR
Deep Dives, Deco dives, and Trimix Dives

CAVE diving mexico
Cenote Chac Mool
Cenote Chac Mool

Unique in the world: discover cavern diving in the Cenotes for certified open-water divers

Embark on the dive boat in Playa del Carmen for 2 exceptional dives on Cozumel – A half-day trip

cozumel express - dive Cozumel from Playa del Carmen

Enjoy the thrilling experience of a close encounter with the bull-sharks – For Advanced Open Water divers

Sidemount Liberty Rebreather training

Discover the world of CCR rebreather diving with that Liberty Side Mount CCR – extended dive times – silent and immersive exploration.

CCR Diving and Training - Sidemount Liberty Rebreather

Basics for tech diving in Backmount configuration: dive planning, water skills, gear configuration, streamlining, buoyancy, and propulsion techniques

It is time to get familiar with the side mount for Tec divers wanting to learn the configuration or recreational divers taking their first steps into the Tec or cave diving world

The Razor Side Mount course covers the basics of tech and cave diving more thoroughly than basic courses. Then, you can focus on the core of subsequent training in your Razor.

The first step in the Overhead environment. Learn all safety protocols within the daylight zone. 

Dive into the dark caves. Learn how to do simple cave dives beyond the daylight zone.

Caves can be complex, especially in Mexico; you will combine previously learned skills with complex navigation.

Cave diver training in your Razor Side Mount System  

Cenote cave diving - Cave diving training Mexico

For Cave divers who wish to practice Safety Protocols in Side Mount

For certified cave divers looking to extend their dive time or penetration distance and safety in the cave.

Stage Cave diving
Cenote Muchacho by Starnowski - Stage cave diving training Mexico

For certified and experienced cave divers who want to learn how to safely use a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) or scooter in an overhead environment.

Cave Diving Training Yucatan - DPV cave diving

The first approach to technical diving and the use of mixed gases. And for those already Nitrox certified divers, it is the opportunity to thoroughly review the basic principles and fundamental laws of physics used in diving.

You will learn the physics and physiology of diving with gas mixtures containing more than 40 % oxygen. This is the opportunity to further extend your dive time without going into decompression limits.

Prerequisite to CCR rebreather diving.

In this course, you will learn to plan and execute dives with decompression, choose your gas, and develop emergency plans.

Exciting dives down to 55m/180ft, but helium is nowhere available? You will learn to do these dives using air and deco gases safely.

Trimix diving - Technical Diving - Deep Dark Diving

Dive deeper, explore further. Enroll in our Trimix Diving Course and unlock the wonders of the deep, dark depths. Discover a new world of underwater exploration. Dive to a maximum depth of 60 metres/200 feet with a blend of helium.

Razor GO Side Mount Instructor
Stage Cave diving - Deep Dark Diving
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