Extended range
Deco stop at Cenote the Pit Dos Ojos

The TDI Extended Range course teaches you the proper techniques to efficiently use compressed air as a bottom gas to a maximum depth of 55 meters / 180 feet. Some parts of the world offer spectacular dives at depths greater than 39 meters / 130 feet, but helium is not accessible (or very limited). Extended Range training provides knowledge of equipment requirements and the dangers of deep diving requiring nitrox or oxygen decompression stops.

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  • Spectacular dives deeper than 39 meters/130 feet
  • No access to helium
  • Learn the proper techniques for safely using compressed air as a breathing gas
  • Staged decompression (with nitrox or oxygen)
  • Maximum depth of 55 meters/180 feet

Course prerequisites

What you will learn during your extended range training

  • History of deep air diving
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Options (Air, Nitrox, Oxygen)
  • Equipment considerations
  • Dive planning
  • Technical dive support
  • Navigation

In water skills

  • Use START before every dive
  • Stress analysis and mitigation
  • Gas matching procedures
  • Demonstrate buoyancy control
  • Good awareness, communications, proximity, and team-oriented dive practices
  • Manage 2 stage cylinders,
  • Gas switches
  • Lift bag deployment
  • Air-sharing ascent
  • Contingency decompression schedule
  • Remove and replace mask, deploy back up mask
  • Tired diver tow
  • Breath-hold swim
  • Execute the planned dive
  • Switching and isolating a malfunctioning regulator,
  • Navigational techniques
  • Ascent with ascent reel and lift bag and perform staged decompression
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