TDI Full Cave Diver or Razor Basic Cave Diver Training

Mexico beckons passionate cave divers, and we were no exception! Our love for this exhilarating pursuit led us to relocate to Yucatan, where we are now nestled near the mesmerizing cenotes, fully immersed in the world of cave diving.

If you’re an intrepid adventurer with a fervent desire to explore overhead environments, our Cave Diving Training awaits you. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the world’s longest underwater cave systems, a lifetime’s worth of exploration that continues to unveil its secrets. At Deep Dark Diving, we are dedicated to sharing our passion and guiding you through the enchanting passages of Tulum’s cenotes and their surroundings. Our commitment to safety and conservation is unwavering as we offer high-quality cave diving training.

Caverns and caves are breathtaking, captivating wonders of our planet. However, navigating these intricate environments poses significant challenges. Yet, the attraction intensifies when you venture into underwater caverns and caves, becoming one of the fortunate few.

Be prepared, as cave diving in Mexico can become quite addictive! Rest assured, we prioritize your safety and are eager to share our passion.

Over these phases, you will master gas management, emergency procedures, buoyancy and trim, propulsion techniques, line and reel utilization, and equipment management in various conditions and environments.

2-3 days
4 Cavern dives

Daylight zone
“Rule of thirds,” or 1/6th of doubles
Max depth: 40 m/130 ft
Penetration limited to 61 m/200  ft
No restrictions 

Cavern diving training - Mexico

The TDI Cavern Diver training course introduces the “minimum” skills, task loading, problem-solving, knowledge, and the ability to dive within the “cavern” zone. You will also learn the dangers and risks of diving in an overhead environment. The Cavern course is not intended to provide instruction for Cave Diving.

Cavern course: 2-3 days

Cave diving Training mexico

2-3 days
4 Cave dives

Cavern + Intro to Cave Diver Course combined:  4-5 days.

1/3 of a single diving cylinder or 1/6th if using double cylinders
Maximum depth: 40 meters / 130 feet

The TDI Intro-to-Cave Diver training course further develops the skills and knowledge required to dive into the overhead environment and beyond the daylight zone. The course explains the dangers and risks involved. Skills in the Intro to Cave course include line navigation, zero visibility training, gas management, touch contact, emergency procedures, and prior course skills.

Cavern + Intro to Cave Course combined: 4-6 days.

Four days
8 Cave dives

Cavern + Intro to cave + Full cave Diver Course combined:  ~10 days

1/3 of double cylinders or two single cylinders
Maximum depth: 40 meters / 130 feet

Full cave diving training - Mexico

The TDI Cave Diving training course fine-tunes the skills and knowledge required to dive in the overhead environment. The course explains the dangers and risks of cave diving beyond the daylight zone. Skills in the Cave Diver course include passing restrictions, complex navigation, zero visibility, emergency procedures, and gas management…

Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave Diver Course combined: 8-10 days (16 cave dives)

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