Become a TDI Full Cave Diver in the Cenotes

All passionate cave divers will travel to Mexico. Of course, we did too! And we liked it so much that, to fulfill our passion for Cave diving, we chose to live and dive in Yucatan.

The peninsula of Yucatan hosts the longest underwater caves in the world. A lifetime would not be enough to know them all, and there is much more to be discovered. At Deep Dark Diving, We love sharing our passion and guide you in the most amazing passages in the Cenotes. And we provide high-quality cave diving training with a high commitment to security and conservation. Cave Diving Training is for you if you are a serious adventure seeker wishing to explore overhead environments

Cavern and Caves are amazing, beautiful, and ever-fascinating places on earth. But they are very challenging environments to explore. Even more challenging is when you decide to explore the underwater caverns and caves and decide to be among the very lucky few!

Be aware that your cave diving in Mexico might be addictive 🙂 And we’ll do our best to make that happen safely and share our passion.

 TDI Full Cave diving training is a 3 steps course

During the three phases, you will learn and practice gas management, emergency procedures, buoyancy and trim, propulsion techniques, line and reel useequipment management in different conditions, and different environments.

2-3 days
4 Cavern dives

Daylight zone
“Rule of thirds,” or 1/6th of doubles
Max depth: 40 m/130 ft
Penetration limited to 61 m/200  ft
No restrictions 
2-3 days
4 Cave dives

Cavern + Intro to cave Diver Course combined:  4-5 days

1/3 of a single diving cylinder or 1/6th if using double cylinders
Maximum depth: 40 metres / 130 feet
Four days
8 Cave dives

Cavern + Intro to cave + Full cave Diver Course combined:  ~10 days

1/3 of double cylinders or 2 single
Maximum depth: 40 metres / 130 feet
Cavern Diving in Yucatan


The TDI Cavern Diver training course introduces the “minimum” skills, task loading, problem solving, knowledge, and the ability to dive within the “cavern” zone. You will also get familiar with the dangers and risks involved while diving in an overhead environment. The Cavern course is in no way intended to provide instruction for Cave Diving.

Cavern course: 2-3 days


The TDI Intro-to-Cave Diver training course further develops the skills and knowledge required to dive into the overhead environment and beyond the daylight zone. The course explains the dangers and risks involved. Skills in the Intro to Cave course include line navigation, zero visibility training, gas management, touch contact, emergency procedures, and a higher level of prior courses skills.

Cavern + Intro to cave Course combined: 4-6 days

Cave diving Training mexico
Cave diving Training Mexico


The TDI Cave Diving training course fine-tunes the skills and knowledge required to dive in the overhead environment. The course explains the dangers and risks involved while cave diving beyond the daylight zone. Skills in the Cave Diver course include passing restrictions, complex navigation, zero visibility, emergency procedures, gas management…

Cavern + Intro to cave + Full Cave Diver Course combined: 8-10 days (16 cave dives)

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