A few minutes further south of Chikin Ha is Cenote El Jardin del Eden (Eden’s garden), also known as Cenote Ponde Rosa. With a huge open water area, this is a trendy place for different activities. Swimmers and snorkelers will love to swim around the natural pool and enjoy all the colorful fish. The green algae covering the rocks gives an amazing brightness to the pond when the sun is out.

Cenote Eden - Cenote Diving

The permanent cavern guideline is hidden to prevent damage from people jumping around. The guide will connect to the open water in the first part of the dive. Then the dives start in an extensive tunnel with dark sediment absorbing light. And after a few seconds, you will start seeing the light from the other side of the tunnel before you reach Cenote Corral; enjoy the stunning light curtain, one of the most spectacular haloclines, and many fossils.

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