Master Cave Diving with Razor Sidemount

The Razor Side Mount Cave Course allows you to experience the freedom and flexibility of diving Side Mount in a cave at its best. The Razor harness and wing combined were designed by expert cave divers and cave explorers Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann, cofounders of Go Side Mount. Years of experience and hours of

Ox bel ha

Ox Bel Ha: The longest underwater cave system in the world

Ox Bel Ha cave system: the longest underwater cave in the world Captivating the imagination of divers worldwide, the Ox Bel Ha cave system stands as breathtaking-inspiring evidence of the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. With its extensive network of passages and spectacular geological formations, it is a renowned destination for cave divers

Dive Training Yucatan

DPV Cave Diver Training | Dive Further into Underground Exploration

DPV Cave Diver Course: What Will I Learn? Why Dive a DPV in a Cave? Cave divers use DPV (Diver’s Propulsion vehicles) or scooters to increase penetration further and carry additional tanks or dive equipment into the cave without effort. DPVs are an excellent tool for long-range cave exploration dives and surveys, and of course,

Cavern diving in Cenote Kukulkan

Cenote Kukulkan hides many little treasures: Aragonite crystals are hidden like little gems in a jewel box. His large open water area will give you time to enjoy the extraordinary visibility and sunlight beams. For beginner divers, it gives you time to adjust your buoyancy and skills in shallow freshwater. Advanced divers can enjoy the

Sac Actun

Underwater Cave System Sac Actun: Almost… the longest cave system in the world

Sac Actun System is now officially the longest flooded cave system in the world. Update March 2023: This post was written in January 2018, right after Sac Actun’s connection to Dos Ojos, making Sac Actun the longest cave system in the world. Meanwhile, the GUE divers exploring the Ox Bel Ha cave system for over

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