Scuba Diving in Yucatan, Mexico – Personalized Guiding and Training

Group packages available

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Location: Playa del Carmen & MĂ©rida, Mexico

Facebook: Deep Dark Diving

We are passionate instructors offering guided dives and training for Reef diving, Cavern diving, Cave diving, Deep diving.

I spend a lot of time underwater and far into the jungle, far from phone signals and internet reach.  In fact, I am probably underwater somewhere in one of the amazing caves of Yucatan. I really do my best to give the best service possible and assure you that we can offer the best dive experience. You have probably come a long way for an exceptional holiday, and we’ll guarantee an extraordinary experience. I personally answer all emails and deal with the organization… so please be patient. It’s worth it 🙂

Thank you, back to you as soon as possible,