In Yucatan, there are hundreds of cenotes accessible to certified cave divers. Some of them might be easy to find but let us take you off the beaten path.

Why a cave Guide?

STOP Prevent your death! go no farther.

– Safe cave diving

A cave guide is up to date with the dive conditions, with a large cave diving experience and constant practice. All our cave guides live and have been safely cave diving in the Riviera Maya for many years.

– Safety again

A cave diving guide already knows the cave, the system and can assure that it suits your level and your cave diving skills.

– Fun cave diving

We can take you on long beautiful cave dives that maybe would take you an entire week of cave diving to find on your  own if you ever find it…

– Time

A Cave guide will drive you directly to the right cenote entrance,  point you to the cave entrance, and guideline.

– Access to the Cenote dive site

Going with a local cave guide could save you the time and frustration to get to the dive site and be denied entry.

– Culture

All our cave dive guides have a true passion for caves in general and cave diving. They all have experience in underwater cave exploration and survey.

– More Culture

Living in the Riviera Maya, all fluent in Spanish and English (at least), you learn a lot about the Mayan culture, the local fauna, the local flora, etc…


Cave Diving in Yucatan


The first step in the Overhead environment. You will learn all safety protocols within the daylight zone.

intro to cave


That’s it! This is the first step in the dark caves. You will learn how to do simple cave dives beyond the daylight zone.

scuba diving mexico


Caves can be very complex, especially in Mexico. We will now combine all the previously learned skills with complex navigation, and more.

Installing a jump spool in Cenote Minotauro


Cave diving in the Cenotes North of the Riviera Maya

Cenote Chac Mool.

Visit the famous monster, the biggest submerged stalactite

Cenote Chikin Ha – Cenote X Tabay

Right next to each other these two cenotes are actually not connected yet.

Great place for cave diving training you can go back and fully enjoy the place once you get your certification. You can do the traverse to Cenote El Eden (Ponderosa).

Cenote Cristal

The cave is part of the Ponderosa system. It is a beautiful place, and the owners often change their minds regarding cave divers. Sometimes we have the privilege to enter and sometimes not… Remember that’s one of the reasons you need a guide. If you can’t dive there, your cave guide will always have a great back-up plan

Cenote El Jardin del Eden

Another amazing place that you probably already know if you did your cave diving training here is the Riviera Maya. If it is your first time cave diving here in Mexico this is the place to have your first experience in diving into the halocline. A nice circuit will bring you from one side of the Open water to the other one through the famous “River Run”. A jump from this line will take you to Cenote Escondido. And if you feel like a long drive you can reach Cenote Xtabay.

Cenote Minotauro

Minotauro is an underwater cave system that you want to know about!

If you remember from Greek mythology the minotaur was a creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull who lived in a labyrinth.

This system is a labyrinth with different levels. Starting your dive from Cenote Minotauro you may reach other Cenote Estrella, Cenote Winz,  Cenote Escalera.

All passages are fairly small but are accessible with a back mount configuration. And if you are diving side mount it can be really fun to go off to the side passages even for just a short time.

Nicely decorated with brownish speleothems and light sediment you will feel very privileged to dive these somehow dusty passages. Following the Ariadne line, you will feel like Theseus hunting…

Maximum depth: 50ft/15m

Check our video of cave diving in Minotauro

Cenote Buena Vista

Cenote Taj Ma Ha

Cenote Xunnan Ha

Cenote Cop 1

Cenote Nai Tux Ha

Cave diving around the Dos Ojos area

Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Palmas

Cenote El Toh

Cenote El Pit

Cenote Tak be lum

Cenote Sac Actun – Pet Cemetary

One of the most famous dives is probably the one leading to the spectacular blue abyss, with highly decorated passages. The rest of the cave is also highly decorated.

Cenote Nohoch Na Chich

Cenote Caracol

Cenote Fenomeno

Cenote Concha

Cemnote Nariz – Otoch Ha

Cave diving in the Cenotes around Tulum Area

Cenote Calavera – Temple of Doom

Gran Cenote

Cenote Carwash – Actun Ha

Cenote Kalimba

Cenote Zacil Ha

Cenote Angelita

No cave diving in Cenote Angelita. it’s a big deep hidden in the middle of the trees close to the highway. It is located south of Tulum outside of cell coverage. With a maximum depth of 57m + it is a great spot for the final dives of the Deco procedures and extended range training.

The sulfur cloud at a depth of 28-30m is a few meters thick, very dense, and quite stinky and it has very poor visibility. It creates a creepy atmosphere and is a good challenge and interesting to cross. As we often say in the area, diving Cenote the Pit is like a dream, diving Cenote Angelita is like a nightmare.

Laguna Kaan Luum

This beautiful laguna is heaven for swimmers with its large shallow water area. The crystal clear waters are warm all year round and the beautiful setup makes it a very attractive spot. And then… quite a distance from shore, in the middle of the laguna there is this deep pit. This is one is heaven for freedivers and tech divers.

With a maximum of 90m deep it is now officially accessible for techdivers with a local certified tech diving instructor.

The perfect site for tech training. With its wide range of depth, it is ideal for training. We can practice descents and ascents and repeat until satisfactory and becoming proficient. Unlike ocean training we are not tight to the boat schedule, we have no stress and can really focus on tech skills: controlling the descend and the ascent, holding buoyancy and trim, following a dive plan, solving emergencies.

Cenote Dos Pisos

Cenote Naharon

Cenote Mayan Blue

Cenote Jail House

Cenote Chan Aktun Ha

Cave diving in the Cenotes in the Muyil area

Cenote Doggi

Access to this cave dive site is limited to certified cave divers in Side Mount configuration only. The challenging and interesting entrance hides an unexpected gem. The cave is beautifully decorated with white speleothems in all sections. And to make the pleasure last longer, it is very shallow, definitely a cave to visit if you are a side mount cave diver. If not we will happily train you all the way.

Cenote Caterpilar

In the middle of a quarry, the opening of cenote Caterpillar happened by accident.

Cenote Xulo

Cenote Mosquito factory

Cenote Chan Hole (small Hole)

Cenote Galaxia