The Yucatan Peninsula is renowned as a mecca for cave diving, featuring a flat karst landscape with an extensive aquifer accessible through numerous sinkholes, known as “cenotes.” These cenotes, widespread in the northern lowlands, make it a prime destination for cave diving enthusiasts.

The region’s ongoing exploration reveals new cenotes each year, expanding the known groundwater systems. Describing the uniqueness and beauty of each cave would require an encyclopedia.

There are hundreds of cenotes accessible to certified cave divers. Some might be easy to find, but let us take you off the beaten path and enjoy guided cave diving with our experienced local guides and instructors.

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A cave diving guide is up to date with the dive conditions, has much cave diving experience, and is constantly practicing. All our cave diving guides live and have been safely cave diving in the Riviera Maya for many years, most of them are experienced cave diving instructors that will also provide tips with local practices and up to date techniques.

A cave diving guide already knows the cave and the system and can assure you that it suits your level and your cave diving skills. During your guided cave diving, you are assured of enjoying your time in a cave that matches your expectations.

Deep Dark Diving can take you on long and beautiful cave dives that might take you an entire week of cave diving to find on your own if you ever find it…

A Cave guide will drive you directly to the right cenote entrance and point you to the cave entrance and guidelines.

Going with a local cave guide could save you the time and frustration of getting to the dive site and being denied entry.

All our cave dive guides have a true passion for caves in general and cave diving. They all have experience in underwater cave exploration and survey.

Living in the Riviera Maya, fluent in Spanish and English (at least), you learn a lot about the Mayan culture, the local fauna, the local flora, etc…

Cave Diving in Yucatan - cavern diving training mexico - Cave Diving in the Cenotes

The first step in the Overhead environment. You will learn all safety protocols for cave diving within the daylight zone.

That’s it! This is the first step in the dark caves. You will learn how to perform simple cave dives beyond the daylight zone.

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full cave diving training mexico - Cave Diving in the Cenotes

Caves can be very complex, especially in Mexico. We will combine all the previously learned cave diving skills with complex navigation and more.

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