Razor Side-Mount Diving: Join the Exclusive Official Razor Divers Team

Embark on Your Side-Mount Diving Journey with Deep Dark Diving, a Proud Member of the Exclusive Razor Official Instructors Team! Take your initial plunge into the world of side-mount diving and become a valued member of the growing Razor divers’ community worldwide! Our program, crafted for Razor System users, is curated by its creator, Steve

Master Cave Diving with Razor Sidemount

The Razor Side Mount Cave Course allows you to experience the freedom and flexibility of diving Side Mount in a cave at its best. The Razor harness and wing combined were designed by expert cave divers and cave explorers Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann, cofounders of Go Side Mount. Years of experience and hours of

Side Mount Summit 2023 – Mexico

Nov 18th-30th, 2023 Check out the full program and participants here: https://sidemountsummit.com/ Speeches – Presentations Proyecto Espeleologico Purificacion-PEP – Infernillo sumps The evening agenda for the Razor Side Mount Summit will feature presentations by prominent cave explorers, instructors, and personalities collaborating with divers. Stay connected for the comprehensive schedule of events. Workshops Gain a fresh

Cave and Tech Diving Courses

Dive training offered by Deep Dark Diving Fun and Safe way to dive for recreational divers – Ideal for Cave divers, Solo Divers, and Photographers Learn overhead diving in the most extensive underwater caves on the planet: master buoyancy and precise control of every movement. Experienced diver? It is time to extend your dives and

Razor Instructor - Deep Dark Diving

Side Mount Excellence: Razor Side Mount Diving Training

Worldwide, Razor Side Mount instructors are trained to maximize your learning progress in sidemount diving at any level. Getting the right equipment and configuring it right is indispensable but still insufficient. Like most activities, you will need proper training to achieve mastery, so why not take advantage of our qualified Razor instructors with years of

Master Your Dive: Specialized Technical Diving Courses and Expert Instructors for Your Diving Journey

Extend your limits: Dive Deeper, Dive Further with Technical Diving Training Passionate about diving and hungry to enhance your dive skills? Discover our array of specialized technical diving courses tailored to elevate your diving expertise. When selecting an technical diving instructor, prioritize compatibility, experience, up-to-date expertise, and a genuine love for diving. Your instructor should

Back from a side mount cave dive at cenote the Pit - Dos Ojos Mexico

Side Mount Diving Training

Why dive in Side Mount configuration? Side Mount diving looks incredibly easy and comfortable and yes it is! Side Mount configuration has many advantages when learned and configured properly. The side Mount technique originates from cavers in the UK in need of a configuration that would facilitate penetration of tight sections of the cave. Additionally, while diving the configuration

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