Dive into the Abyss with Confidence: Your Ultimate Cenote Angelita Guide

Discover Cenote Angelita’s Hidden Depths Nestled deep within the Yucatan Peninsula‘s lush jungles of Mexico lies a hidden gem that has captured the imagination of advanced scuba divers worldwide: Cenote Angelita. This extraordinary cenote, with its mystical allure and unique underwater landscapes, beckons adventurers seeking an unforgettable diving experience. Let’s dive together into the fascinating

Side Mount Summit 2023 – Mexico

Nov 18th-30th, 2023 Check out the full program and participants here: https://sidemountsummit.com/ Speeches – Presentations Proyecto Espeleologico Purificacion-PEP – Infernillo sumps The evening agenda for the Razor Side Mount Summit will feature presentations by prominent cave explorers, instructors, and personalities collaborating with divers. Stay connected for the comprehensive schedule of events. Workshops Gain a fresh

Trimix Diving Training: Unleashing the Secrets of the Deep

I. Introduction to Trimix Diving Venturing into the depths of the ocean is an inspiring experience. Still, for those seeking to explore the unexplored territories of extreme depths, there lies a realm that demands specialized skills and knowledge. This is where trimix diving enters the scene, offering divers the opportunity to push their limits and

Stage Cave Diver Course

Stage cave diving allows the cave diver to penetrate the cave further while using extra stage tanks and can be done in either Sidemount or back mount configuration. This is an advanced cave diving course. It is perfect for trained full cave divers who have been building up experience while swimming in caves and are

Dive Training Yucatan

DPV Cave diver training

What will I learn during my DPV cave diver course? Why Dive a DPV in a Cave? Cave divers use DPV (Diver’s Propulsion vehicles) or scooters to increase penetration further and carry additional tanks or dive equipment into the cave without effort. DPVs are an excellent tool for long-range cave exploration dives and surveys, and

Dive Training Yucatan

Is cave diving for me?

You can think of cave diving as very demanding and more dangerous than reef diving, but cave dives are safe and extremely rewarding when executed properly. After completing your cave diver training, you will travel to amazing places such as the Bahamas islands and the Cenotes of Yucatan in Mexico, discover places only a few people

Cave and Tech Diving Courses

Dive training offered by Deep Dark Diving Fun and Safe way to dive for recreational divers – Ideal for Cave divers, Solo Divers, and Photographers Learn overhead diving in the most extensive underwater caves on the planet: master buoyancy and precise control of every movement. Experienced diver? It is time to extend your dives and

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