Side Mount diving looks incredibly easy and confortable and yes it is! Side Mount configuration has many advantages when learned and configured properly.

It originates from cavers in the UK in need of a configuration that facilitates penetration of tight sections of cave. Additionally it allows easy access to the valves, provides easy and reliable gas redundancy, and tanks can be easily removed if needed. These benefits for diving in confined spaces.

Advantages of Side Mount Diving
  • More flexibility
  • More security
  • Better streamlining
  • Ideal for cave diving
  • Very safe and confortable for open water diving.

Side Mount diving at the Pit

 So make sure you get the right training from the start amd build up on the skills.

And make sure you practice, practice and practice some more!

What you will learn during the Side Mount diving course:
  • Gas management
  • Psychological considerations of technical diving
  • Equipment choice and configuration (Tank, Regulators, harness…)
  • Communication (light and hand signals)
  • Problem solving in a sidemount configuration (Air sharing…)
  • Conservation


The basic course for tec divers wishing to learn a new configuration. If you wish  a more in depth course in a Razor harness, with solid skills to build upon during cave diving or more advanced technical courses.