Embark on Your Side-Mount Diving Journey with Deep Dark Diving, a Proud Member of the Exclusive Razor Official Instructors Team!

Razor Instructor - Deep Dark Diving

Take your initial plunge into the world of side-mount diving and become a valued member of the growing Razor divers’ community worldwide! Our program, crafted for Razor System users, is curated by its creators, Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann, providing a unique and comprehensive side mount diving training experience.

Razor 4 - Razor Side Mount system

As a distinguished member of the exclusive Razor Official Instructors Team, Deep Dark Diving is committed to offering divers specialized and integrated side mount training aligned with the Razor System. The Razor Side Mount System, meticulously developed and tested over many years in challenging environments, is a complete integrated system catering to technical and sport diving, accommodating various cylinders and thermal protection.

With the wisdom gained from countless dives, especially in caves, by some of the world’s most experienced side mount divers and cave explorers, Steve Bogaerts, and his partner Hp Hartmann, the Razor Side Mount System is a testament to innovation born out of necessity.

Razor cave diving

Enter the realm of specialized side-mount training with GoSideMount, an unofficial training agency founded by Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann. Designed to provide refined training in using the Razor System’s side-mount configuration, this agency goes beyond TDI standards, covering specific configurations, gas management, manipulations, and protocols from the ‘Bogaertian’ integrated course.

Razor side mount - DPV Geraldine

Upon completion, students will receive a dual certification from the recognized agency TDI and Go Side Mount, with Razor Official Courses surpassing standards by imparting in-depth knowledge of the unique Razor System configuration, gas management techniques, and ‘Bogaertian’ protocols.”

Razor Side Mount Instructor 6 RAZOR GO SIDEMOUNT
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