The Razor Side Mount Course allows you to experience the freedom and flexibility of diving Side Mount at its best.

The Razor harness and wing combined were designed by expert divers and cave explorers Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann.

Many years of experience and hours of side mount cave diving and exploration led to the Razor Side Mount System development. And along with it appeared the necessity of developing a course program to be taught by experienced instructors committed to high-quality standards.

Below is a demonstration of the Razor harness performance at its early stages… Already extremely stable underwater. The BAT wing came later to make it even better. BAT stands for Buoyancy And Trim and it delivers. Check out Steve Boegarts demonstrating some of the skills you will learn during your Razor Side Mount training (Video by HP Hartmann in the Cenotes of Mexico)

During the Razor Side Mount course, you will learn proper dive equipment configuration including adjustment of the harness, cylinder configuration, regulator configuration, proper weighting, and weight distribution for the best trim.

You will also learn or improve your dive skills such as regulator switches with one hand, different propulsion techniques, equipment failure handling (bungee, bolt snap, tank clamps, batwing, regulators, etc.) as well as other general side mount skills adapted to the use of the Razor system at its best.

We very highly recommend you to train with certified Razor instructor using years of experience shared with you through the Razor Side Mount course. But be aware… Once you go Side Mount, you never go back!!


  • Razor Side Mount CourseCertified Advanced Open Water Diver
  • 25 logged dives beyond training dives
  • Own you Razor side mount system: The course has to be in your own Razor Side Mount System complete as some the skills are specific to the equipment

Course Duration:

  • 4 days
  • 6 dives

Why Razor? and why a Razor Side Mount course?

When Steve Bogaerts and HP Hartmann come together to design a full set of gears from scratch and make it evolve to what it is today, you can expect something really efficient and of high quality, and it really is!

Many years of experience and many hours of Side Mount Cave diving have led to the Razor Side Mount System and further on to the Razor Side Mount Course program.

And today, we are really proud to be part of the team of Razor Instructors (Géraldine Solignac, Razor Side Mount Instructor) and to be able to share that knowledge with you and share as well all the fun that goes with it.

What you will learn?

  • Proper adjustment of the harness
  • Cylinder configuration
  • Regulator configuration
  • Proper weighting, weight distribution for the best trim
  • Regulator switches with two hands and one hand
  • Different propulsion techniques
  • Equipement failures (bungee, bolt snap, tank clamps, wing, regulator…)
  • Out of Air procedures

Why is the Razor Side Mount Course a bit longer than other Side Mount courses?

Because this is how long it takes to get a new side mount diver to master the skills the way you will use them through your entire diver career, and your Razor harness and wing will take all those steps with you.