Cave and Tech Diving Courses

Dive training offered by Deep Dark Diving Fun and Safe way to dive for recreational divers – Ideal for Cave divers, Solo Divers, and Photographers Learn overhead diving in the most extensive underwater caves on the planet: master buoyancy and precise control of every movement. Experienced diver? It is time to extend your dives and

Guided Dives: Ocean, Cozumel, Bull Sharks, Cenotes, Cave And Tek Dives

Explore, Preserve, Dive with Deep Dark Diving: Riviera Maya’s Diving Experts At Deep Dark Diving, we’re not your ordinary diving company; we’re fervent advocates for preserving Riviera Maya’s reefs, cenotes, and ecosystems. We aim to deliver extraordinary diving experiences accessible to all, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable diving practices. We’re deeply committed to marine, cenotes, and

Tech Dive Transformation: Intro to Tech Mastery

For Open Divers Hungry for Technical Adventure and Skill Enhancement! Elevate Your Dive Skills with Intro to Tech Course! With enhanced planning, in-water skills, and gear setup, the training will unlock your proficiency, expand your knowledge, and you will become a skilled diver. Objectives of the Intro to Tech Course Master Dive Configuration Change in

Decompression Procedures Diver

The TDI decompression procedures course is an exciting step further into your dive career. After your training, you will know how to plan and execute deep dives, stay longer underwater and perform mandatory deco stops safely. Can I take the Deco Procedures training in my recreational configuration? You can still train in your properly configured

Razor Instructor - Deep Dark Diving

Side Mount Excellence: Razor Side Mount Diving Training

Worldwide, Razor Side Mount instructors are trained to maximize your learning progress in sidemount diving at any level. Getting the right equipment and configuring it right is indispensable but still insufficient. Like most activities, you will need proper training to achieve mastery, so why not take advantage of our qualified Razor instructors with years of

Take Your Dive Skills to the Next Level with our Advanced Nitrox Course

Advanced Nitrox: a stepping stone to more excellent diving! The use of oxygen and oxygen-enriched air mixture is critical to advanced applications in diving. This course will arm you with the knowledge and understanding of the risks and benefits associated with these gases. You have been enjoying your recreational diving, and you are ready to

Ocean Diving in Mexico: Bull Sharks, Cozumel and Reef

Ocean diving in the Riviera Maya Dive in warm, calm, and unique clear water with exotic sea life. Divers of all levels and from all over the world will love to explore the many fantastic undersea environments this region has to offer. You will get the opportunity to dive on one of the most extensive

Master Your Dive: Specialized Technical Diving Courses and Expert Instructors for Your Diving Journey

Extend your limits: Dive Deeper, Dive Further with Technical Diving Training Passionate about diving and hungry to enhance your dive skills? Discover our array of specialized technical diving courses tailored to elevate your diving expertise. When selecting an technical diving instructor, prioritize compatibility, experience, up-to-date expertise, and a genuine love for diving. Your instructor should

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