Dive in warm, calm, and unique clear water with exotic sea life. Divers of all levels and from all over the world will love to explore the many fantastic undersea environments this region has to offer.

You will get the opportunity to dive on one of the most extensive coral barrier reefs in the world, and every dive site will bring a lot of surprises.

Bull sharks diving - Mexico

In winter, pregnant female bull sharks come to the shallow waters along the coast in front of Playa del Carmen. Will you dare dive with them?

Bull Sharks - Playa del carmen

Diving with the bull sharks is impressive; you go down to ~25m/75ft on a sand patch and enjoy the fantastic show of many bull sharks peacefully and gracefully swimming around you.

The fast boat takes you to Cozumel in approximately 45 minutes, straight to the dive site. The first dive in Cozumel is typically a deep dive on a wall with a maximum dive depth of around 70-80 feet/20-24 meters. The second dive is on a shallower reef at approximately 40-50 feet/12-15 meters.

Diving Playa del Carmen is an excellent option to discover or rediscover Caribbean diving with the ease of flying to Cancun, Mexico, rather than a remote island. The dive sites you can visit include Jardines, Chunzumbul, Shangrila, Cueva de Pargo, Moc che shallow, Moc che deep, Pared Verde, Shark Point, Tortuga, Punta Venado, Mama Viña, Baracuda, Sabalos, Cerebros, Los Arcos.

Contact us for more details if you feel like deep diving in the ocean.

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