Dive with the bull sharks

Every year, during the winter months, we receive the visit of the very famous bull sharks. As divers, we are always amazed by great big pelagic animals, and bull sharks, in particular, are a great encounter.

It is a thrilling experience to be underwater so close to the Bull Sharks, but there are some rules and best practices that any scuba diver should know.

Respect safety procedures and enjoy your bull shark dives!

Bull sharks diving - Mexico
Bull sharks diving – Mexico

When can I dive with the bull sharks?

The bull sharks are most likely around all year. They only come in the shallow waters during winter, from November to March.

The probability of observing the bull sharks during the dive during the season is very high. But the bull sharks have no strict schedule. Sometimes they come and go during the season. Could you contact us before booking to advise you on the best opportunity to observe the bull sharks?

Where can I dive with the bull sharks?

There are 4 fabulous dive destinations where you can dive with the bull sharks:

Bull sharks in Mexico: Playa del Carmen

To dive with the bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, you must be Advanced Open Water certified and preferably Nitrox certified. The dive site is a sandy bottom around 25 m/80 ft deep and is most often a static dive: go down and enjoy the ballet of bull sharks surrounding you and checking you out. There is a heavy current, so it is best to be properly weighted to maintain yourself flat down or hold the chain in place. Avoid swimming and kicking sand, as this can badly affect visibility. We also recommend Nitrox to extend your no-decompression limit. Still, this is mainly useful if you choose a private dive or ensure everyone else breathes Nitrox and has a good consumption (RMV).

There are baited and non-baited dives. Make your choice. When the bull sharks are around, you can observe them either way. Of course, during baited dives, they tend to come way closer and become better models for your extraordinary underwater photoshoot session.

Feel free to contact us directly for more details on the logistics, schedule, etc. We only manage private guided bull shark dives.

Side Mount

Bull sharks in Fiji: Shark Reef Marine Reserve

When diving Shark Reef in the Marine reserve in Fiji, you can enjoy close encounters with seven shark species, including bull sharks, grey reef sharks, whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, tawny nurse sharks, and sicklefin lemon sharks, and occasionally Silvertip and tiger sharks. You can encounter many adult bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) all year round. At the season’s peak (June – August), the Shark number can reach up to 100 bull sharks. Bait is used to attract sharks to specified feeding areas at the site.

Bull sharks in Costa Rica: Bat Islands

Bat Islands is the most accessible place to observe bull sharks. They are usually present from mid-May to early November, but the season can fluctuate from one year to the other. Bat Islands are uninhabited islands off Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, so you will reach them by boat.

Bull sharks in Thailand: Koh Tao

Encounters with the bull sharks around Koh Tao are not as regular as they used to be, but it still happens. Contact a local dive shop. There are many to choose from and get up-to-date news.

Dos and Donts when diving with the bull sharks

Dos: Recommendations for diving with the bull sharks:

  • Follow the dress code: it is required to dive with a dark full wetsuit and avoid anything shiny
  • 2 guides for every 6 divers
  • keep your arms close to your body
  • stay together
  • use only green products, if your really have to… then you should use only biodegradable prior to enter the sea (actually every day!)
  • use your camera without flash, avoid the use of selfie stick which they might perceive as bait.
  • follow the instructions
Dive recommendations when diving with the bull sharks

Donts: Things not to do when diving with the bull sharks

  • don’t wear bright colours, do not wear red, yellow or white fins. Black fins are prefered.
  • don’t try to attract the sharks
  • don’t go down by yourself: stay with your group at all times
  • avoid rapid and sudden movements
  • don’t touch the sharks
  • don’t feed the sharks
  • don’t block the shark ways
bull sharks
The Bull Sharks

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