Intro to tech is the fundamentals, the base of knowledge and skills that will lead you to technical diving. You will apply everything you learn in this Course in further training, such as Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Trimix, etc.

You will discover new diving configurations and new equipment. You will most notably work on skills such as trim and buoyancy, propulsion techniques, and situational awareness. These skills are the foundation of safe and enjoyable technical diving.

TDI Intro to Tech diving

Buoyancy and trim are two of the most important skills every technical diver should have. It is essential to master buoyancy and hold a correct horizontal position (trim).

Valve shutdown in backmount configuration - Intro to tech dive training
Valve shutdown in back mount configuration

You will learn different no-silting propulsion techniques to use in different situations during the dive. You will gain more control of all your movements.

Trim and position in backmount configuration - Intro to Tech dive training
Trim and position in backmount configuration

You will look for objectives that the whole team can achieve during a dive. You will learn how to choose your gases, assign different tasks to each team member and do a pre-dive check-up.

You will also work on skills like regulator switch, descents, ascents, gas sharing, valve exercises, deploying an SMB, mask exchange, etc.

Intro to Tech in Cenote Carwash
Intro to Tech in Cenote Carwash

TDI Intro to Tech training is the complete package: In the theoretical part, you will gain knowledge of gases and physics and physiology of diving. You will also learn to configure different diving equipment and select the best equipment for your dive.

Once underwater, while maintaining neutral buoyancy and holding trim position, you will practice all the necessary skills at a maximum depth of 23 meters/ feet.


Neutral Buoyancy



Buoyancy elements


Frog Kick

Modified Frog Kick

Modified Flutter

Back kick


Gas Sharing (S-Drill)

Valve drill (V-Drill)

Deploy an SMB

Exposure protection


Team objectives

Task distribution

Pre-dive check


· Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent

· Minimum certification of SDI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent

· 25 logged open-water dives

ADVANCED NITROX will help significantly reduce your decompression time using high-Oxygen mixes (40%-100%). Underwater, you will learn gas management, tank labeling, stage management, ascent, and safety protocols.

During the DECOMPRESSION PROCEDURES Course, you will practice planning and conducting a staged decompression dive at a maximum depth of 45 meters/150 feet. Using the skills and knowledge from your Adv Nitrox training, you can utilize enriched air nitrox mixes or oxygen for decompression.

Razor Side Mount Instructor 6 RAZOR GO SIDEMOUNT

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