Safety rules for Cavern diving in the Cenotes

All the Cenotes offering the possibility to do a Cavern dive present a board with very clear and explicit pictograms regarding the safety rules for cavern diving. We encourage you to have a look at it and ask your guide what may remain unclear.

Safety Rules for Cavern diving in the Cenotes
Pictograms illustrating the basic safety rules to be followed while cavern diving with a guide


– No Knives         – No Gloves

Safety rules for Cavern diving
Geraldine Solignac doing a cavern Diving briefing

– No snorkel       – Gear streamlined and stowed

– Do not remove any stalactite, rock, fossil from the dive site

– No touching, no scratching, do not leave any visible mark

– Divers go behind the guide in a single file, maximum 4 divers per guide

– The guide must be a Divemaster or Dive Instructor in teaching status and be a certified Full Cave Diver

– Manage your Air using the rule of thirds

– Natural sunlight should be visible at all time, do not go beyond natural sunlight

– Follow the guideline at all time, do not go off the guideline

– Adopt good trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques,

– Do not remove sediment, it might result in the loss of visibility and it is part of the cave formation, so you should treat it respectfully

– Do not pass through restricted area, at all time 2 divers should fit side by side or one on top of each other

– Limit your penetration to 60m/200feet even when sunlight is still visible, you should not pass this distance without proper Cave diving training.


Remember: There is nothing beyond these limits worth dying for! Do not put your life at risk and follow the rules.

The cavern dives are full of surprises and amazing dives all year around, enjoy!

We are passionate and experienced instructors and guide and will love to show you this amazing and unique art of nature in the safest way possible.

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