Cenote Entrance fees to be paid before Cavern or cave Diving

Here is the list of the entrance fees to the Cenotes for Cavern Diving and Cave Diving in the most common dive sites and training sites in the Riviera Maya, from Puerto Morelos to Tulum – Mexico.

All prices are given in $ Mexican Pesos We do our best to keep the list up to date, but there might change at the last minute due to the landowner’s decisions.

Chac Mool/Kukulkan (2 dives): 250$

Chikin Ha (2 dives): 350$

El Eden-(PondeRosa): 300$

Taj Ma Ha: 300$

Dos Ojos Barbie Line & Bat Cave: 400$

Cenote Nicte Ha: 400$

El Pit: 570$

Dos Ojos or Nicte Ha/Pit combined: 760$

Pet Cemetery (Sac Actun): Closed for divers 🙁 but snorkeling is still worth a go!!

  • might be accessible to cavern divers on special request. The entrance fee is to be confirmed on the diving day.

Dreams’ Gate: 400$

Calavera (Temple of Doom): 300$

Gran Cenote

Carwash (Actun Ha): 250$

 Angelita: 380$

Zapote: 350$ (single dive)

Kin Ha: 200$

Cenote Maravilla: 350$

More about Cavern Diving and Cave Diving in the beautiful Cenotes of Mexico. Or get Cave diver Certified or Technical diver Certified

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