Cavern Diver Course

The TDI cavern diver course is your first step in overhead environment diving. Through this course, you will build up the skills to dive safely within natural daylight and a short distance from the exit. Not only will you learn about proper planning, procedures, and techniques for cavern diving but also about the hazards and

Cave Diving Training in the Cenotes of Mexico

TDI Full Cave Diver or Razor Basic Cave Diver in the Cenotes All passionate cave divers will travel to Mexico. Of course, we did too! And we liked it so much that we chose to live and dive in Yucatan near the cenotes of Tulum to fulfill our passion for Cave diving. Cave Diving Training

Cavern Diving – Cenote Diving

Private Cenote Diving in Tulum and the Riviera Maya – Discover cavern diving and enjoy the amazing Cenotes You are an experienced Open Water Diver and want to discover a new and amazing environment diving in the cenotes? Let us guide you to enjoy the most amazing cavern dives safely. Cenote cavern diving will give you a unique