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Cenote Chac Mool

cenote Chac Mool - cenote Pequeño hermano - Cenote Little Brother
When the sulfur cloud gets trapped in the halocline at the Cavern in Chac Mool

Cenote Chac Mool offers to divers the possibility to do a beautiful circuit that will take you somewhere only divers can go.

Cenote Chac Mool is located only 20 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, in Puerto Aventuras.

You will enter from the little entrance, Cenote little brother. The maximum depth is 14m/50 feet and it requires a few depth changes along the dive.

During the dive you will pass the halocline several times and observe beautiful speleothems while swimming around an air dome.

  • Certification needed: OW Diver
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Entry fee: 250$ Pesos
  • Access to the water: short walk from the parking lot and Stone steps to both Little Brother and Chac Mool
  • Max depth: 15m/50f
  • Infrastructure: Bathroom – Changing room – Snack bar
  • Combine with: Kukulkan – El Eden – Taj Ma Ha
  • Features: light, fossils, halocline, stalactites, air dome


Cavern Diving in the Cenotes

Safety rules for Cavern diving in the Cenotes

All the Cenotes offering the possibility to do a Cavern dive present a board with very clear and explicit pictograms regarding the safety rules for cavern diving. We encourage you to have a look at it and ask your guide what may remain unclear.

Safety Rules for Cavern diving in the Cenotes
Pictograms illustrating the basic safety rules to be followed while cavern diving with a guide


– No Knives         – No Gloves

Safety rules for Cavern diving
Geraldine Solignac doing a cavern Diving briefing

– No snorkel       – Gear streamlined and stowed

– Do not remove any stalactite, rock, fossil from the dive site

– No touching, no scratching, do not leave any visible mark

– Divers go behind the guide in a single file, maximum 4 divers per guide

– The guide must be a Divemaster or Dive Instructor in teaching status and be a certified Full Cave Diver

– Manage your Air using the rule of thirds

– Natural sunlight should be visible at all time, do not go beyond natural sunlight

– Follow the guideline at all time, do not go off the guideline

– Adopt good trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques,

– Do not remove sediment, it might result in the loss of visibility and it is part of the cave formation, so you should treat it respectfully

– Do not pass through restricted area, at all time 2 divers should fit side by side or one on top of each other

– Limit your penetration to 60m/200feet even when sunlight is still visible, you should not pass this distance without proper Cave diving training.


Remember: There is nothing beyond these limits worth dying for! Do not put your life at risk and follow the rules.

The cavern dives are full of surprises and amazing dives all year around, enjoy!

We are passionate and experienced instructors and guide and will love to show you this amazing and unique art of nature in the safest way possible.

Cavern Diving           Contact

Guided dives

Bull Sharks - Playa del carmen

Guided Dives on the second largest reef in the world – Experience the thrill of diving with bull sharks – Day trips to cozumel from Playa del Carmen – Express trips to Cozumel.
We also offer technical ocean diving


Unique in the world: discover cavern diving in the Cenotes – Dive Cenotes near Tulum and near Playa del Carmen – Cenotes in Puerto Morelos for Advanced divers – Special private and personnalized trips to the Cenotes of Yucatan


The best way to discover the amazing caves of Yucatan – We offer all level of cave diving from beginners to more advanced –
Stage cave diving – DPV Cave diving – CCR cave diving – Trimix CCR

Treat yourself with a tailor made diving holliday in the Cenotes, ask us and we make it happen! 

Is Cenote diving for Me?

You are planning a dive trip to the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico? Then you might have come accross some amazing pictures of the beautiful Cenotes. Once stunned by these pictures you probably want to see it with your own eyes and live the experience.

But this question keeps popping up: is Cenote diving for me?

  • What are Cenotes?

Deep Cave diving in the Cenotes of Yucatan, Mexico
Deep Cave diving in the Cenotes of Yucatan, Mexico

Cenotes are sinkholes distributed all over the Yucatan Peninsula. They are the window to the underwater caves and caverns. And they are one of the main dive attraction in the area and one of the top dive destination in the world.

Those caves are highly decorated with stunning formations such as stalagmites and stalactites which makes them very unique.

Your first Cenote diving experience will probably be a cavern tour. You are not required to have a cave diving certification as you will not be technically entering the cave.

  • What is a cavern dive?

A cavern dive is the exploration of a natural overhead environment while remaining within sight of natural light.

When diving in the Cenotes you will always see natural light and have a sight of a direct way out of the cavern. However do not underestimate safety by thinking it is an easy dive. And here are some thoughts to consider before going for a cavern dive.

  • Will I be swimming in tight places?
Gran Cenote - Cavern diving in Tulum
Gran Cenote – Cavern diving

No you won’t!

It is a requirement for all cavern dive in the Cenotes to go through areas where two divers can fit side by side at all time. You will not swim in any tight areas.

Should any problem arrize you will be able to swim side by side with your guide to exit the cavern.

  • Can accidents happen while Cenote diving?

Yes, it can happen…

Your cavern guide should be a qualified divemaster or instructor in teaching status and a certified cave diver. Of course the more experienced the better the guide can react to a bad situation. And the more he/she knows the site, the better he/she can handle the situation.

Cavern diving by the book, is really safe. The conditions are optimal: shallow dives, no current, great visibility, group size limited to 4 divers maximum per guide and all divers should be experienced.

We recommend you to choose carefully your dive operator or guide. And remember the most experienced the guide the better he/she can show you around and yet commit to safety and conservation.

  • Is it dark down there?

Yes it is!

Safety Rules for Cavern diving in the Cenotes
Basic safety rules

Some parts in the Cenotes are very dark and darkness can alter your sense of orientation, and you a feeling you could get lost easily. This is why everyone is diving with a dive light.

Your guide should be carrying all his/her full cave gear that includes a bright and long lasting primary light used for showing you around and for communication as well as 2 back up lights. And yourself should carry at least one dive light.

The waters in the Cenotes are crystal clear, and will stay that way if all divers follow the basic rules: maintain good buoyancy, swim using non silting kicking techniques and follow the guideline.

  • Will I be able to find my way?

Yes, as long as you follow the Guide Lines

Full Cave Diver course - deploy a guideline
Installing a guideline

One of the main safety rule in cavern diving in the Cenotes is referencing the guideline at all time. Your guide will explain how to identify it, how to use it and where to position yourself at all time. The same guideline will show you the way out. You should also be able to rely on your guide to follow them at all time.

We strongly recommend to dive the Cenotes. It is a unique and magical experience. Always make sure you dive well within your limits and remember the golden rule: anyone can call the dive, at any time, for any reason. So, do not hesitate to do so whenever you don’t feel comfortable.

When comes the time for you to book your dive tour to the Cenotes, remember that safety is important. Cenote diving is for advanced divers and you should be sharp on your dive skills, so don’t hesitate to refresh them by a couple ocean dives before you head for the cenotes.

Enjoy your Cenote dive 🙂

Contact us for some private guiding or personalized group packages: CONTACT

Cenote Kukulkan, cavern dive in the winter morning light
Cenote Kukulkan, cavern dive in the winter morning light

Cenote Taj Ma Ha: an amazing Cavern Dive


The amazing cenote Taj Ma Ha is one of the best Cenote for cavern diving tours in the Riviera Maya. Don’t miss this unique diving experience.


Cenote Taj Ma Ha is located about 5 km south of Puerto Aventuras. You drive on a bumpy dirt road in the jungle to the parking area. There you will find bathroom facilities and tables to prepare your gears. From there a short walk down the stairs will lead you to the water.

The Cavern dive

The cavern dive is one of the most amazing and most diverse dive in Cenotes. During the circuit you will dive past several cenotes: Cenote points of light, Cenote Sugar bowl and Cenotes Esmeralda. Each of them offering outstanding light effects.

Cenote Taj Ma HaFrom March to September, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular light shows. The sun is high up in the sky and enters through small apertures in the ceiling of the Points of Light Room. Laser like beams of light will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular light show nature can offer.

In the deeper areas you will cross halocline tunnels. The halocline creates a surprising mirror light effect as you enter the salt water layer, below the fresh water.

These tunnels will lead you to some beautifully decorated areas with a lots of speleothems like stalactites, stalagmites flowstones.

You will surface in cenote Sugar bowl where, you’ll be able to have a unique view over the jungle and maybe spot a Motmot, a sacred bird with stunning colours, often observed in the proximity of the Cenotes. Its very distinctive voice will loudly announce its presence.

Throughout the dive, you will observe lots of fossils in the walls and the ceiling of the cavern. 


This dive has a saw tooth profile and will require extremely good buoyancy control at all time. You will then make sure you don’t damage any part of the cavern and fully enjoy the adventure.

To get the best of your experience we also recommend to book a private tour with an experienced guide.

Maximum Depth: 45 feet (14 meters)


Video from two divers on a private tour at Cenote Taj Ma Ha

Contact us for a private guiding service in the cavern of the Cenote Taj Ma Ha

Group rates available starting from 4 divers




 Scuba Diving in Yucatan
Dive Training and Guiding

Deep Dark Diving provides personalized service for your diving in Yucatan, Mexico. Private guiding for individuals and special packages for groups.

Highly committed to safety and conservation we specialize in Cenote cavern, cave and Tech diving. We offer guiding and training for recreationnal divers and for advanced technical and cave divers.

We have a passion for diving, a passion for caves, a passion for cave diving and we’d love to share it with you and make sure you get the most out of your scuba diving experience.

Diving yucatan
Beautiful Cenotes of Yucatan


Bull sharks diving - Mexico


Dive the second largest reef in the world – Experience the thrill of diving with bull sharks

Cavern diving in the Cenotes


Unique in the world: discover cavern diving in the Cenotes



The best way to discover the amazing caves of Yucatan –
Stage – DPV – CCR


cavern diver course


First step in the Overhead environment. You will learn all safety protocols within the daylight zone. 

Intro to cave diver course


That’s it! this is the first step in the dark caves. You will learn how to do simple cave dives beyond daylight zone

full cave diving training


Caves can be complex, especially in Mexico, you will now combine previously learned skills with complex navigation, and more.


Intro to Tech Diving training


Basics for tech diving in Backmount configuration: dive planning, water skills, gear configuration, streamlining, buoyancy and propulsion techniques

Side Mount Diving Training


Get familiar with the side mount for Tec divers wanting to learn the configuration or recreational divers taking their first steps into the Tec or cave diving world

Razor Side Mount Diving Course


The Razor Side Mount course covers the basics for tech and cave diving further than basic courses. Then you can focus on the core of subsequent training in your Razor.



TDI Nitrox Course


A first approach to technical diving and the use of mixtures. And for those already Nitrox certified diver it is the opportunity to thoroughly review the basic principles and fundamental laws of physics used in diving.



You will learn the physics and physiology for diving with gas mixtures containing more than 40 % oxygen. This is the opportunity to further extend of your dive time without going into decompression limits.



In this course you will learn to plan and execute dives with decompression, choose your gas and the development of emergency plans.


Extended range course


Exciting dives down to 55m/180ft but helium is nowhere available? you will learn how to safely do these dives using air and deco gases.



Add helium to your diving. Go deeper, easier breathing, and reduce narcosis. It makes your diving a lot safer and opens a lot of possibilities down to 60m/200ft.

Technical diving training - Advanced Trimix diving


Congratulations! you reached the top level of Open circuit training. Use mix with less than 17% O2 and as deep as 100m/330ft. And be among the most elite divers.

Dive Razor Original

Ocean Diving

Ocean diving in the Riviera Maya:

Warm, calm, and absolutely amazing clear water with exotic sea life, divers of all levels and from all over the world will love to explore the many fantastic undersea environments this region of the globe has to offer.

You will get the opportunity to dive on one of the largest coral barrier reef in the world and every dive site will bring its lot of surprises.

  • Bull Shark diving

In winter pregnant female bull sharks come to the shallow waters along the coast in front of Playa del Carmen. Will you dare dive with them?

This is an amazing dive where you just go down to ~25m/75ft on a sand patch and just enjoy the amazing show of many bull sharks peacefully and gracefully swimming around you.

Bull Sharks - Playa del carmen
Bull Sharks – Playa del carmen
Bull sharks diving - Mexico
Bull sharks diving – Mexico
  • Ocean diving in Cozumel on a Day trip from Playa del Carmen

The fast boat takes you directly to Cozumel in approximately 40 minutes, straight to the dive site. The first dive in Cozumel is tipically a deep dive on a wall with a maximum dive depth of around 70-80 feet/20-24 meters. The second dive is on a shallower reef at around 40-50 feet/12-15 meters.

  • Ocean diving in Playa del carmen

Diving Playa del Carmen is a great option if you want to discover or rediscover Caribbean diving with the ease of flying to Cancun, Mexico, rather than to a remote island.

  • Technical diving


You feel like deep diving in the ocean contact us for more details.

Cenote Entrance Fees for Cavern & Cave Diving


Cenote Entrance fees to be paid before Cavern or cave Diving
Cenote diving

Here is the list of the entrance fees to the Cenote for Cavern Diving and Cave Diving in the most comon dive sites and training sites in the Riviera Maya – Mexico All prices are given in $ Mexican Pesos We do our best to keep the list up to date, but there might change on the last minute due to landowner decision.

Cenote Entrance fees

Chac Mool/Kukulkan (2 dives): 250$

Chikin Ha (2 dives): 250$

El Eden-(PondeRosa): 300$

Taj Ma Ha: 250$

Dos Ojos Barbie Line & Bat Cave: 380$

El Pit: 570$

Dos Ojos/Pit combined: 760$

Dreams’ Gate: 300$

Calavera (Temple of Doom): 300$

Gran Cenote

Carwash (Actun Ha): 250$

 Angelita: 300$

Zapote: 300$

Kin Ha: 200$

Pet Cemetery (Sac Actun): Closed for divers 🙁 but snorkeling is still worth a go!!

  • might be accessible to cavern divers on special request, entrance fee: 600$

More about Cavern Diving and Cave Diving in the beautiful Cenotes of Mexico. Or get Cave diver Certified or Technical diver Certified



Deep dark Diving likes to be flexible and take you on the dives that are best for you, so just let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to arrange it!

We do personalized and private guiding and teaching.

Contact us for group packages for 4 or more divers. We will also be happy to help you out with transport, and hotel as well.


Cavern Diving Prices

Price for 2 Dives (Entrance fees not included)*:
  • 2 dives one location –> 130 $USD
  • 2 dives on different locations –> 140 $USD
  • 2 dives Angelita, Zapote or El Pit + one other location –> 150 $USD
  • Group prices upon demand (4 divers per guide maximum)

*minimum 2 divers, + 25 USD if one diver

A regular Cavern Diving Tour includes minimum two dives per day. You can combine the dive sites as you like, or ask us for suggestions. Check out the safety rules: Safety Rules for Cavern diving in the Cenotes


Cave Diving Prices

Price for 2 cave dives or 1 Stage dive  (Entrance fees not included)*:
  • Private guiding 1 diver: 200 $USD/day
  • 2 divers: 180 $USD/diver/ day
  • 3 divers: 160 $USD/Diver/ day
  • Group prices upon demand 
  • 3 divers per guide maximum
  • 2 sets of Tanks (twinset or Side Mount) or 1 set + 1 stage
  • 2 dives/day or 1 Stage dive – backmount or side mount
  • Use of reels and spools
  •  Use of toolbox


Guided dives Package:

  • 5 days of diving: 5% discount
  • 10 days of diving: 10% discount
  • Group prices and packages on demands

Prices includes:

  • Private guiding
  • Professional, Certified and Experienced Guide and Instructor
  • Bilingual (Spanish & English) local guides (other languages available too)
  • Oxygen & First Aid kit
  • Transportation from Playa del Carmen
  • Tanks and Weights
  • Gear storage
  • Drinking  Water in refillable bottles

Not Included:

  • Entrance fees to the cenotes, check it here: Entrance fees ($ Mexican Pesos):
  • Certification fees
  • Technical Gear (available for rental)
  • Pick up
  • Food and Drinks
  • Gases and instructor’s gases for Deep Diving (Trimix, Nitrox and Oxygen)

Cave & Technical Diving Training Prices

Teaching prices per day
  • Private teaching 1 diver: 250 $USD
  • 2 Students: 230 $USD/person
  • 3 Students: 210 $USD/person
  • Certified and experienced local Instructor
  • Tanks
Not Included:
  • Entrance fees to the cenotes
  • Certification fees
  • Technical Gear
  • Pick up
  • Food and Drinks
  • Gases and instructor gases for Deep Diving (Trimix, Nitrox and Oxygen)

Combined Courses Prices

Intro to Tech (2 days) 500$ USD
Advanced Nitrox (3 days) 750$ USD
  • Side Mount + Advanced Nitrox (6 days) 1500$ USD
  • Advanced Nitrox + Decompression Procedures (5 days) 1250$ USD
  • Advanced Nitrox + Intro to Tech (5 days) 1250$ USD
  • Intro to Tech + Advanced Nitrox + Deco Procedures (6 days) 1500$ USD
Decompression Procedures (3 days) 750 USD
  • Side Mount + Deco Procedure (6 days) 1500$ USD
  • Advanced Nitrox + Decompression Procedures (5 days) 1250$ USD
  • Intro to Tech + Deco Procedure (5 days) 1250$ USD
  • Intro to Tech + Advanced Nitrox + Deco Procedures (6 days) 1500$ USD
  • Side Mount + Advanced Nitrox + Deco Procedures (7 days) 1750$ USD
Cavern (3 days) 750USD
  • Intro to Tech + Cavern (5 days) 1250 USD
  • Side Mount + Cavern (6 days) 1500 USD
Intro to Cave (3 days) 750USD
  • Cavern + Intro to cave (5 days) 1250 USD
  • Intro to Tech + Intro to Cave (5 days) 1250 USD
  • Intro to Tech + Cavern + Intro to Tech (7 days) 1750 USD
  • Side Mount + Cavern + Intro to Cave (8 days) 2000 USD
Full Cave (4 days) 1000 USD
  • Intro to Cave + Full Cave (6 days) 1500 USD
  • Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave (8 days) 2000 USD
  • Intro to Tech + Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave (10 days) 2500 USD
  • Side Mount + Cavern + Intro to Cave + Full Cave (11 days) 2750 USD


Rental equipment:

  • Regulator: 5 USD/day
  • Wetsuit: 5 USD/day
  • BCD: 5 USD/day
  • Razor Side Mount Harness: 15 USD/day
  • Primary light: 28 USD/day

We can provide you with rental gear depending on the course you wish to take. However we recommend to have your own basic gears or consider buying one through us. Make sure you consult us before any purchase. Part of technical diving training deals with equipment configuration therefore you will get the best of your training with your own equipment. Also keep in mind that technical rental gear will not always be available during your travel. For Sidemount we recommend the Razor system and will be happy to offer a package Equipment purchase + training.

Payments by paypal

Acceptance Mark

Deep Cave diving in the Cenotes of Yucatan, Mexico

Guided Cave Diving in Yucatan – Mexico


In Yucatan there are hundreds of cenotes accessible to certified cave divers. Some of them might be easy to find but let us take you off the beaten path.

Why a cave Guide?
STOP Prevent your death! go no farther.
– Safe cave diving:

A cave guide is up to date with the dive conditions, with a large cave diving experience and constant practice. All our cave guides live and have been safely cave diving in the Riviera Maya for many years.

– Safety again:

A cave diving guide already knows the cave, the system and can assure that it suits your level and your cave diving skills.

– Fun cave diving:

We can take you on long beautiful cave dives, that maybe would take you an entire week of cave diving to find on your  own, if you ever find it…


– Time:

A Cave guide will drive you directly to the right cenote entrance,  point you the cave entrance and guideline.

– Access to the Cenote dive site:

Going with a local cave guide could save you the time and frustration to get to the dive site and be denied the entry.

– Culture:

All our cave dive guides have a true passion for caves in general and cave diving. They all have experience in underwater cave exploration and survey.

– More Culture:

Living in the Riviera Maya all fluent in Spanish and English (at least) you learn a lot about the Mayan culture, the local fauna, the loca flora etc…



Cenote Kukulkan, cavern dive in the winter morning light


First step in the Overhead environment. You will learn all safety protocols within the daylight zone. 

Deploying a guideline


That’s it! this is the first step in the dark caves. You will learn how to do simple cave dives beyond daylight zone

Installing a jump spool in Cenote Minotauro


Caves can be very complex, especially in Mexico, we will now combine all the previously learned skills with complex navigation, and more..


Cave diving in the Cenotes North of the Riviera Maya

Cenote Chac Mool.

Visit the famous monster, the biggest submerged stalactite

Cenote Chikin Ha – Cenote X Tabay

Right next to each other these two cenotes are actually not connected yet.

Great place for cave diving training you can go back and fully enjoy the place once your get your certification. You can do the traverse to Cenote El Eden (Ponderosa).

Cenote Cristal
Cenote El Jardin del Eden

Another amazing place that you probably already know if you did your cave diving training here in the Riviera Maya. If it is your first time cave diving here in Mexico this is the place to have your first experience in diving into the halocline. A nice circuit will bring you from one side of the Open water to the other one through the famous “River Run”. A jump from this line will take you to Cenote Escondido. And if you feel like a long dive you can reach Cenote Xtabay.

Cenote Minotauro

Minotauro is an underwater cave system that you want to know!

If you remember from the greek mythology the minotaurs was a creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull who lived in a labyrinth.

This system is a labyrinth with different levels. Starting your dive from Cenote Minotauro you may reach other Cenote Estrella, Cenote Winz,  Cenote Escalera.

All passages are fairly small but are accessible with back mount. And if you are diving side mount it can be really fun to go off to the side passages even for just a short time.

Nicely decorated with brownish speleothems and light sediment you will feel very privileged to dive these somehow dusty passages. Following the Ariadne line you will feel like Theseus hunting…

Maximum depth: 50ft/15m

Cenote Buena Vista
Cenote Taj Ma Ha
Cenote Xunnan Ha
Cenote Cop 1
Cenote Nai Tux Ha


Cave diving around the Dos Ojos area

Cenote Dos Ojos
Cenote Dos Palmas
Cenote El Toh
Cenote El Pit
Cenote Tak be lum
Cenote Sac Actun – Pet Cemetary

One of the most famous dive is probably the one leading to the spectacular blue abbys, with highly decorated passages. The rest of the cave is also highly decorated.

Cenote Nohoch Na Chich
Cenote Caracol
Cenote Fenomeno
Cenote Concha
Cemnote Nariz – Otoch Ha

Cave diving in the Cenotes around Tulum Area

Cenote Calavera – Temple of Doom
Gran Cenote
Cenote Carwash – Actun Ha
Cenote Kalimba
Cenote Zacil Ha
Cenote Angelita
Laguna Kaan Luum
Cenote Dos Pisos
Cenote Naharon
Cenote Mayan Blue
Cenote Jail House
Cenote Chan Aktun Ha

Cave diving in the Cenotes in the Chemuyil area

Cenote Doggi

Side Mount configuration to access this site.

Cenote Caterpilar

In the middle of a quarry, the opening of cenote Caterpilar happened by accident.

Cenote Xulo
Cenote Mosquito factory
Cenote Chan Hole (small Hole)